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Millennial Planning: Financial Planning for Millennials

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

Why does there always seem to be a gap between what you want in life and money?

My mission with this blog is to provide Millennials both the practical solutions and the root mindsets to bringing life and money together. My goal isn't to increase your return on investment, but your return on life. And the only way I can help is by educating you on what financial considerations need to be looked into and guiding you to start figuring out what it really is you want in life.

But it's not going to be a simple 3-question process to figure out your life's path. It'll take constant reflection, action, constant awareness, feedback, and redirection. It might take years, even decades to really know where you want to go. And that's okay. It's about making the journey to getting there that matters (too cheesy?)

This blog (and possibly vlog) will be my outlet to share my thoughts, ideas, and insights with you in relation to aligning money with life. It'll include posts about things I've read, problems I'm going through, my own journey, life, and most importantly, a post-by-post guide from zero to a financial foundation that'll help you become confident in going after the life you want. I truly believe that money isn't the barrier that's stopping you from a life worth living. And I'm not trying to give some B.S. motivational speech, but when you dream big and work on in with a foundation of work and practicality, it'll come with patience.

I will try my best to avoid the same generic information you can find in a quick Google search. I want you all (yes, all 3 of you) to look deeper and focus on what really matters to you and what's within your control.

I hope you find any sort of value from these blogs (and possibly vlogs), and I will see you in the next one.

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