Vantage Planning is different than most financial advisory practices out there. I focus on a fee-based structure that doesn’t require you to have a million dollars before I can help you.

My planning process revolves around your situation, your values, your goals and what you want out of life. The conversation does not revolve around products, but your life.

I help empower Millennials who are looking to...

Get Started

Financial Coaching

This is for those who are starting to get their financial life in order and don't know where to start or need some guidance. We work together through a collaborative process over 6 months to help you feel confident and empowered with your finances!

Who is this for?

- Professionals starting their first career

- Entrepreneurs figuring out the money side of business

- Those who get confused dealing with finances and need organization or clarity

- Anyone who wants to get out of debt and take control of their financial life

Get Ahead

Financial Planning

This is for those who want to optimize their plan to make sure their money is working as hard as it can for them! We work together over two meetings to get clear with what you're working towards, what you're currently doing and uncover what leaks or gaps there are in your plan. Let's get you to your financial goals faster!

Who is this for?

- Couples looking to co-mingle their finances

- Business owners looking to organize their personal and business finances

- Ambitious Millennials striving for financial independence

Get Protected

Insurance Planning

This is for those who want to plan and protect themselves in case of an event that creates a large financial impact (ie. - death, disability and illness). This is for anyone who has dependents or want to plan for the risks that come with life.

Who is this for?

- Families with young children

- Those who have a mortgage and don't want mortgage insurance

- Self-employed individuals who do not have group benefits to protect them

- Clients with corporations who need to protect their staff and their business

If you're still unsure if working with me makes sense for you, feel free to book a free consultation to see if I can be of service to you. Perhaps we may still be a good match, even if you don’t fit the profiles above. And if not, I will try my best to guide you in the right direction or to another financial planner who may better suit your situation!

Frequently asked questions

Is there a minimum to start working with you?

No there is not. The benefit of being a fee-based planner is that I get to work with clients that don't have a million dollars to invest. I charge based off of the complexity of your situation and the amount of time required.

Can I choose to work with you on an ongoing basis?

After the initial engagement, you can choose to review your situation and financial plan with me at any time in the future. If there is a change in your situation 12 months or less after your initial engagement with me, the second financial plan will be charged at a discounted rate. However, after the 12 month period, you will be charged for the full price of a financial plan (price depends on complexity). As I focus on empowering Millennials, I want to help you feel confident to handle your finances on your own. I hope that after working together, you will only need to see a financial planner to get a second opinion or during a life transition. If you would rather delegate your finances to an advisor, I am also partnered with many other reputable and trustworthy financial planners who might better suit your needs. This might make more sense for you if you require more support, more handholding, or if you want to fully delegate your finances to someone else.

Where do we meet?

All meetings will be done virtually through a phone call or video call (Zoom or Google Meet). To keep my services affordable and to create a consistent client experience, I do not meet with clients in person, even if you live in the Lower Mainland.

When is the best time to meet with a financial planner?

It makes sense to meet with a financial planner when you have a specific financial or life goal you want to plan for. Even if you don't have a specific goal, it makes sense to meet with a planner 2-3 years before any major life transition you expect (ex. - buying a home, having a child, starting a business, heading into retirement). Even when you're new out of post-secondary school and starting your first career, it may make sense to meet with a planner to start off your financial journey on the right foot.

How much do these services cost?

As you can see above, there are a few different services I provide. Each one of these differ in pricing and it depends on which of these services fit your needs best. Getting started (financial coaching) is set at $1600, broken down into six monthly payments of $266.67/month + GST/HST. Getting protected (insurance planning) is free of charge to meet as I am a licensed insurance advisor and may receive a commission if you implement the recommendations I make. Getting ahead (financial planning) will range depending on the complexity of your situation. The price will be quoted after the initial consultation call and we will always agree on a price before we begin the engagement. To give some context, here are a few examples of pricing: Minimum Charge for a Financial Plan = $1000 Financial Plan for a Couple = Starting at $1500 Financial Plan for a Corporate Client = Starting at $2000 To reiterate, it will be charged based off of complexity. If you want to get a quote, feel free to book a free consultation call.

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